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5: The Pirate Shuffle

Rated PG/PG-13 for *hints* to adult language and subject matter – Headphones recommended…

Shift to the left, shift to the right! Learn the Pirate Shuffle on this episode of Mouse Droppings!

Matt takes you to the “left” coast on a visit to Disneyland, where a stop into Pirates quickly becomes more entertaining than anyone could have expected.

Join (twitter names follow to protect the innocent) @coconutwireless, @raedahlin, @hollydog22, @trapped, @bleepin_wife, @SBSister, @Monorail_POD, @eastyorkwdwfan, @jlbanker, @harmonybelle, and especially Aubrey. An honorable mention also goes out to @oakfan, for joining us in spirit while work called…

The last four minutes of this podcast are NOT to be missed!

Running time: 27:57

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