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Droplet – Porcupines?

Mouse Droppings Podcast – Droplet 1
*Headphones Recommended for Ultimate 3D Audio Experience*

Enjoy a quick taste of the Mouse Droppings Podcast on this Droplet!
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18. Apr, 2011
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24: Allosaurus!?

Mouse Droppings introduces C.D. as a special guest on the podcast! She is so excited to be on the Interwebs, she even volunteered to go on one of her least-favorite rides, Dinosaur! Fun and screams are sure to be in the path of this rockin’ episode.

Be sure to make your plans for the upcoming DPN WestFest, to be held April 29th to May 2nd at Disneyland! Buy your banquet tickets now before the price increases!

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Voicemail: 407/28-DROPS
E-mail: mousedroppingspodcast@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mousedroppingspodcast.com

Running Time: 29:47

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10. Mar, 2010