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Special: Did somebody say Toy Story?

Is it a salute to all nations’ birthdays (but mostly America)? Is it Christmas in July? Or does Matt just want to keep his listeners happy during the Mouse Droppings hiatus?

Who cares, it’s a cheat sheet for Toy Story Mania!

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9: Granny’s Fun Wheel

Rated PG for frightened granny! – *Headphones Suggested*

On this episode of the Mouse Droppings Podcast, we learn that the random people you share a ride vehicle with can be just as entertaining as the ride itself!

The somewhat boring and lazy Mickey’s Fun Wheel instantly turns hilarious as a terribly frightened grandmother (along with her son and grandson) follow Matt and Holly into a “swinging” car. Sure, Matt doesn’t help things for the white-knuckled granny when he tries to rock the car from the apex of its journey… but every ride’s integrity needs to be tested, doesn’t it?!

Don’t forget to send in your top scores for Toy Story Mania in anticipation of next week’s Smackdown!

Running Time: 17:57

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